Some people ask me: “What does your company do for their clients that differ from the service received from haulers?

First, let me emphasize that we only work with top-quality haulers across Canada and the USA.

These are our partners and they work very hard to make sure the waste and recycling are removed and discarded properly.

However, sometimes mistakes happen and missed lifts/calls can occur.

Last week l was on site for a compactor lift and return.

While the compactor was away, AC Waste Services organized a power wash of the area, and once the compactor returned, we organized a much-needed repair.

All went smoothly until we required the hauler to return to push the compactor in place.

The request was made at 2 pm and by 6 pm the call was not completed.

While waste was piling up in the back of this busy grocery store, the AC Waste Services team made the call to bring in some extra help.

Fearing the haulage truck would be tied up for a little longer we called our friends at Bill and Sons Towing to assist.

They were on-site in 25 minutes with their heavy wrecker and got the compactor back in place.

This is not the first time we have used some irregular systems and support to get the job done.

We are so hyper-focused on customer service that we often think outside of the box to get the job done.

In the end, it was the great work of all members of the ACWS team that made this job a complete success.

Our team amazes me!

– Nic Ahola, Co-Founder AC Waste Services Inc.