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Discover the difference that EarthBin™ makes!

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The EarthBin™ was designed as a new concept for tackling the most common issues associated with waste management:

  • Bad smell
  • Visually unappealing
  • Hard to manage

The Solution

With EarthBin™, most of the waste is sealed in a plastic bin underneath the ground, surrounded by a polyethylene sleeve, allowing more garbage to be stored and concealed.

“Out of sight, out of smell, out of mind.”

EarthBin™ Benefits

Explore the many unique benefits of the game-changing EarthBin™ below:

Easy & Secure

The EarthBin™ features lightweight feet doors that can be lifted and held open with a steel latch. The sealed lids prevent any pests or creatures from getting into the bins and making a mess.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Say goodbye to unattractive dumpsters. The EarthBin™ offers a sophisticated solution to waste control and can fit any landscape.

Durable Materials

Designed with highly durable polyethylene and corrosion-resistant materials, the EarthBin™ is built to last for years to come.

Environmentally Friendly

The EarthBin™ is made of recyclable plastic and requires no special retrieval service. A regular loading garbage truck will be able to pick up the bin, dump the bin, and set the bin back in place with ease. As there is no need for the driver to get out of their vehicle — minimizing traffic, air pollution, and downtime, this proves extremely efficient.