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Self-Contained Compactor

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the cleanest of the compactor line

Our self-contained compactor features a variety of loading options to suit wet and dry waste applications of larger volumes. Industry leading compaction ratios substantially reduce existing haulage costs.

Pharmaceuticals, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, shopping centres, and food processors (over 30 cubic yards per week).

  • Extremely low feed height.
  • Clear top feed opening is wide-mouth 43’’ x 60’’.
  • Compactor limits owner liability by discouraging rummaging through waste.
  • Control panel is key-activated, fully enclosed and weather proof.
  • Access to packing ram is when compactor is activated is stopped due to safety interlock devices.
  • Design prevents bird and vermin infestations.
  • Easily replaced.
  • Full perimeter door seal prevents spillage of waste.
  • Truck carbon emissions drastically decreased due to minimal haulage requirement.
  • Suitable for both wet and dry applications.
  • Compaction ram dwells against the load with 16’’ ram penetration — 100% more than most competitive models.
  • Waste can be decreased to a mere fraction of its starting amount.
  • 15%-50% more force than it’s competitors — over 31 tons of compaction force.
  • Can be mounted on both concrete and asphalt.
  • Front, rear or side loading.
  • Easy double-end truck pickup.
  • Functional with an array of electrical voltages.