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Vertical Baler

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Efficient, safe and created with the user in mind.  Automatic bale and front of the unit bale tie off, combined with a low feed height and larger opening make our vertical baler the perfect selection.

For recycling cardboard, plastic, clothing, and other recoverable waste streams.

  • Front of unit bale tie off design eliminates the need for rear entry.
  • Loading made easier with larger feed opening and low feed height.
  • Baler is perfect for tight spaces due to cross cylinder design.
  • Hydraulic ejection system is low maintenance and easy to use.
  • Ideal for heavy-duty construction.
  • Produces bale weights up to 1,700 lbs. (depending on model).
  • Protected safety switches cannot be easily changed.
  • Design of baler is enclosed and employee safe.
  • Preventative maintenance is simple due to easy access.
  • Key start, full light, and emergency stop button on control panel.
  • Door latch mechanism with gradual release bale chamber.
  • Optional Level 3 Safety Interlock Switch.