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Vertical Compactor

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Low cost and simple to operate

Our vertical compactors fully enclosed design is safe, secure, and clean — making it the perfect choice for low volume, wet or dry waste.

Hotels, restaurants, fast food, strip mall, golf courses, retail and small industrial customers (up to 30 cubic yards of waste per week).

  • While feed door is closed the crushing ram auto cycles.
  • Low feed height.
  • Control panel is key-activated, fully enclosed, and weather proof.
  • Compactor limits owner liability by discouraging rummaging through waste.
  • Design prevents bird and vermin infestations.
  • Easily replaced.
  • Sturdy structure prevents spillage of waste.
  • Truck carbon emissions drastically decreased due to minimal haulage requirement.
  • Illegal dumping by others deferred due to a design that is fully enclosed.
  • Compaction can decrease waste to a mere fraction of its starting amount.
  • Pavement damage and truck congestion are decreased due to reduced haulage.
  • Can be mounted on both concrete and asphalt.
  • Compactors can be loaded from front, rear or side.
  • Fits in restricted spaces.
  • Compactor is functional with an array of electrical voltages.