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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A capital acquisition removes funds from other company investments. The future value of your investments is often greater than the cost of rent.
  • Tax advantaged – since rent is an operating expense, it is 100% deductible. When buying an asset, only the allowable depreciation is tax deductible.
Disposing of garbage is an operating expense – the objective is to decrease the expense without using capital that could be better spent on acquisitions relative to your core business.
Financing is available for all of AC Waste Equipment’s  products including installation, delivery and any necessary site construction needs.
AC Waste Equipment offers a full line of compactors and balers, each available for rent. Our rental equipment is built with PERFORMANCE and DURABILITY in mind.
Rentals are available in a variety of terms ranging from 36 to 60 months. Let an AC Waste Equipment representative tailor a program that best FITS YOUR NEED.
AC Waste Equipment offers a full line of equipment accessories designed to reduce costs and improve aesthetics, handling and product security. Should any site modification, such as concrete pads or wall openings, be required to facilitate the installation, we include these as part of the Rental Package -- that's ONE-STOP SHOPPING!
Yes! Because AC Waste Equipment continues to own all of our rental fleet, we can exchange equipment as a result of building renovations, moved business, recycling initiatives, expansions or changes in waste streams.
As an option to the standard Program, AC Waste Equipment offers CARE-FREE RENTALS. This popular package encompasses all preventative maintenance and repair services.