For the past 8 years, my life has been impacted by my personal journey with cancer. In 2016, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable form of blood cancer. Since then, my amazing wife Kristy, my support system and Myeloma Canada have given me the strength to live my life to the fullest.

Why AC Waste Supports Myeloma Canada

When people hear about an incurable cancer, most don’t know what to think. What does a diagnosis of myeloma mean? Myeloma Canada is doing amazing work to raise funds, bring awareness to this cancer, connect Canadians with treatment options and fight for a cure that will help save our lives.

For me, giving back is something that has always been important, especially as a business owner. Now with my myeloma diagnosis, supporting an organization that is helping Canadians like me live longer and find treatment options is so important. My diagnosis opened my eyes to the need for more research, more support and ultimately, a cure for myeloma patients.

People living with myeloma undergo regular checkups, and treatments as we wait for new research to bring a cure. Each person has a different treatment plan, but for me, I require chemotherapy, 3 weeks on, 1 week off, to keep myeloma from forming. Life is far from normal, but I am so grateful for all of the work that is going towards improving the lives of people living with myeloma.

At AC Waste, we are proud to support Myeloma Canada, for the incredibly important work they are doing to make myeloma matter, and we hope you will join us.

Join AC Waste & Myeloma Canada’s Grand Rappel Event

Are You Ready To Rappel To Repel Myeloma?

Join us, and bring a friend or an entire team to rappel at the Hilton Toronto Hotel on Saturday, July 6th, 2024.

You can expect to make unforgettable memories, raise funds for a good cause and enjoy the amazing views of Toronto from 324 feet above ground!

We hope you join us to raise funds and have fun doing it.

Check out the event for more information about the registration, rules, and restrictions.

Why Participate?

Approximately 11 people are diagnosed with myeloma each day in Canada. By joining us at the Grand Rappel event, you are supporting the pursuit of curing and preventing Myeloma for Canadians. A form of blood cancer that does not yet have a cure. All fundraising dollars from the event will go towards:

Curing and Preventing Myeloma

New treatment options and the possibility of a cure are what keep people like me, myeloma fighters going. By joining our event, you will be contributing to an investment in myeloma research, by Canadians, for Canadians. Something that gives people like me hope and the opportunity for new outcomes.

Best Care

Your funds will also help provide myeloma patients with access to the best healthcare and treatment options in Canada. There is no “one-size-fits-all” treatment for myeloma, and your funds make it possible for fellow Canadians to access the care they need and deserve.

Improving Lives

Myeloma Canada provides resources, funds and education to empower and support all Canadians impacted by myeloma. They are an important part of every Canadian’s myeloma journey, including providing support and resources to loved ones.

Living with myeloma has opened my eyes to how many Canadians live every day with an incurable cancer. There is a great need for more treatment options, access to care, and, ultimately, a cure for myeloma. At AC Waste, we are so proud to support Myeloma Canada and contribute to the incredible work they are doing to improve the lives of people living with myeloma.

Are you ready to make myeloma matter? Sign up for The Grand Rappel today and raise funds for Canadians impacted by myeloma.

About the Author

Nic Ahola is the Director of Operations for AC Waste Services over the past 10+ years. With multiple years of experience in the industry Nic’s wealth of knowledge to discuss key industry topics is never-ending.

He works directly with businesses to implement waste management systems that are convenient to a business’s operations while reducing the unnecessary costs and common problems associated with waste.

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