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Are you having issues with unsightly messes, too much haulage, outsiders dumping their trash, or odours?


AC Waste will work with your company to create a partnership that will implement cost-effective and environmentally friendly strategies that fit all your company’s needs.

Haulage Management

On behalf of your company, AC Waste will manage all of your waste and recycling haulages.

Waste Diversion

Yearly waste audit reports are mandatory for a business that meets the criteria set out by the Ministry of Environment.

Equipment Repairs

On behalf of your company, AC Waste can manage any repairs or service that may arise with your waste equipment.

Rental Equipment

If your company is looking to save money and become more efficient with your waste handling and haulage services, then you should consider the compactor rental program from AC Waste Services.

Let AC Waste assist with your waste equipment & haulage needs!

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