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Rental Equipment

If your company is looking to save money and become more efficient with your waste handling and haulage services, then you should consider the compactor rental program from AC Waste Services.

Why Rent a Compactor?

Not only will renting a compactor resolve a number of your waste handling problems, such as unsightly mess, odours, and outsiders use of your bins, but it also frees up capital to be used in other areas of your business.

AC Waste will design, implement, and finance a waste management system specifically for your needs.

Compactor Rental Program

Learn about financing, equipment options, term of obligation, equipment options, site modification, electrical service, equipment trade-in, exchange, maintenance, and repairs.

Benefits of Renting a Compactor

Disposing of garbage is an operating expense – the objective is to decrease the expense without using capital that could be better spent on acquisitions relative to your core business.

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