Cardboard compactors are an extremely important part of commercial waste management. 

Compactors are used for compacting recyclable materials like cardboard, paper, plastic, and metal for bulk pickup. Using one of these machines in your business can greatly improve the way you deal with your cardboard waste, and provide several benefits.

What is the cardboard compactor?

A cardboard compactor, also known as a cardboard baler or cardboard crusher, is a popular machine that is designed to compress cardboard boxes or other bulk packaging materials. This waste is then collected by a waste collector and disposed of. 

A compactor is used to reduce the volume of waste so that it takes up less space in the bin and allows for larger quantities of waste to be added. 

What is the cost of a cardboard baler?

Depending upon whether you are interested in buying a new or used cardboard baler, balers can differ greatly in price.

The best way to choose the proper compactor is to speak with a representative so you can address your business’s needs and wants. 

Key benefits to a cardboard compactor

    1.  Rebates: If you bale or compact cardboard you may be entitled to a rebate from your hauler. This is a revenue stream for many businesses that generate large amounts of cardboard waste. 
    2. Saving money in the long term: Compacting the waste that your business produces reduces the number of waste collections you require.
    3. Reduce the space used on the property: Balers and compacting machines require a lot less space than large waste bins and skips and they reduce the volume of waste. This means that you can free up space in your business premises that can be used for other purposes.
    4. Decrease company footprints: Because you can fit more into a compactor, it allows for fewer pickups with more bulk material included. By increasing the amount of material and decreasing the commercial pickups the carbon footprint of the company will be reduced.

What is the difference between a vertical and horizontal baler?

Vertical balers are those that compress materials with a vertical, downward force and pressure. They are smaller than horizontal balers.

Horizontal balers process waste by having it thrown into a hopper on top of the machine. This hopper is connected to a conveyor system.

When the hopper is full, a ram or arm compresses the material with horizontal force until the bale is made.


Here at AC Waste, we can assist in the inspection, installation and updates of all our compactors right on site. 

As you are inspecting your compactors if you have any questions regarding parts or components feel free to contact us.

About The Author

Nic Ahola is the Director of Operations for AC Waste Services for the past 10+ years. With multiple years of experience in the industry Nic’s wealth of knowledge to discuss key industry topics is never-ending.

He works directly with businesses to implement waste management systems that are convenient to a business’s operations while reducing the unnecessary costs and common problems associated with waste.

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