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How much money could your company save by switching to a compactor?

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Open Waste Container Problems:

  • An unsightly mess, created by spilled or leaking garbage, that reflects negatively on your company’s image.
  • Too much haulage service & associated cost.
  • Outsiders dumping their trash into your container thereby creating additional haulage expense.
  • Excessive labor required to load containers & cleanup mess.
  • Floor, aisle & dock space used to accommodate trash because containers are full, unavailable or not large enough for bulky items.
  • Odours permeating from the open container or from liquids that have been spilled onto & absorbed into the ground.
  • Employees who use the garbage containers to hide, then later steal, products from your business.
  • Fire, vandalism or injury from outsiders rummaging through your waste in search of valuables – acts that can increase your insurance premiums.
  • Truck congestion and/or pavement damage in your receiving or shipping areas.
  • Unsafe conditions, relative to the lifting, loading or packing of waste or to spilled glass, nails & other refuse that could result in injury & expensive compensation claims.
  • “Weather waste” – substantial increases in dumping charges caused by the weight associated with rain and snow.

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