Attractive and effective are not two words you would usually associate with industrial waste. 

Instead, the huge rusty steel containers overflowing with foul-smelling garbage is likely a more familiar sight for many businesses struggling with waste management.

Fortunately, with EarthBin, there’s finally an innovative solution to industrial waste that’s not only functional, solving many of the issues caused by inadequate waste management, but it looks good too, blending into its surroundings seamlessly.

What is EarthBin?

The EarthBin is a waste management system that stores waste safely in a sealed container underneath the ground. The lockable front and rear doors provide separate areas for waste and recycling at a convenient height.

What facilities is the EarthBin suitable for?

The EarthBin can be installed pretty much anywhere in any industry. Offices, residential buildings, restaurants, and educational institutions are just some of the settings that are using EarthBins on their properties across Canada with fantastic results.

How is the EarthBin better for the environment?

The only comparison to be made between EarthBin and regular bins is that they both hold garbage, that’s where the similarities end. The EarthBin is leading the way in waste management with a host of environmentally friendly features.

1. Pollution Reduction

Garbage cools naturally underground meaning less odor is able to escape and in turn less air pollution – a win for the environment and for anyone who works with waste in the height of summer.

The EarthBin can be quickly and easily emptied by any regular front-load truck and the driver doesn’t need to exit the truck to unlock the bin or load it. It also holds a higher capacity of waste than the older style steel bins and these features combined result in less trucks on the road for less time.

The completely sealed underground canister holding the garbage protects the earth from leaking contaminants.

2. Reduced Illegal Dumping

A simple but essential feature, the lockable lids prevent illegal dumping of larger, harder to dispose of and hazardous waste and maximizes the diversion of waste for recycling.

3. Increased Operational Efficiency

Keeping waste underground and locked away minimizes nuisance pests such as flies, rats, and those destructive ‘trash pandas’ which lessens any unnecessary cleanup or hefty pest control bills.

Clearly labeled bins that are easy to reach and look less ‘industrial’ have shown to minimize refuse and debris being scattered around the bin itself and this alleviates the pressures on maintenance and ground staff.

The sturdy lids mean any ice and snow build-up can be removed easily rather than accumulating in an open-top container, making the load too heavy or rendering the contents unsuitable for re-use.

4. Premium Quality, Recyclable Construction

The bins themselves are recyclable and constructed from high-quality warp and fade-resistant plastic with heavy-duty parts, designed by Canadian engineers to last for many years.

Unlike traditional waste bins, they’re made from anti-corrosive material so there are no concerns about them looking old before their time and they require very minimal maintenance.

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About The Author

Nic Ahola is the Director of Operations for AC Waste Services over the past 10+ years. With multiple years of experience in the industry Nic’s wealth of knowledge to discuss key industry topics is never-ending.

He works directly with businesses to implement waste management systems that are convenient to a business’s operations while reducing the unnecessary costs and common problems associated with waste.

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