Is the garbage outside your business ruining your day? We understand.

When waste piles up and overflows from your bins, not only does it look and smell bad, but it also can cause larger problems — like an infestation of pests and vermin. Gross!

In this blog article, we’re breaking down the top five things you should be doing to minimize commercial garbage.

1. Clear Your Surroundings

There’s no doubt about it, the sight of garbage is unappealing to the eyes and nose.

When odours permeating from an open container are absorbed into the ground, workers and residents get annoyed.

An unsightly mess outside of your business can also reflect negatively on your company’s image and push potential clients or customers away.

Therefore, it is important to keep the area where your waste bin and waste compactor are located clean and clear of overflow garbage.

If you’re struggling with staying on top of your piling waste, give us a call. Our waste audit services will identify what’s going wrong and how to fix it.

2. Consider EarthBin Underground Storage

Wish your waste was mostly hidden away? With EarthBin, that’s possible.

The EarthBin is a waste management system that stores waste safely in a sealed container underneath the ground — hiding sight and smell.

The lockable front and rear doors provide separate areas for waste and recycling and keep illegal dumpers out.

The EarthBin is also leading the way in waste management with a host of environmentally friendly features, including:

3. Consider Compacting Your Waste

Has your commercial waste problem extended to your facility because containers are full, unavailable, or not large enough for bulky items?

If so, a compactor may be the ideal solution for you.

For example, our self-contained compactor equipment features a variety of loading options to suit wet and dry waste applications of larger volumes.

With industry-leading compaction ratios, you can substantially reduce the amount of garbage you’re looking to dispose of.

4. Clean Your Compactor & Bin

The first step to deep cleaning your compactor or waste bin is to take out everything and wash the inside. We suggest using a power washer to thoroughly clean away debris build-ups, lingering smells, and other mess.

5. Contact Waste Solutions Professionals

We’re here for you. Share accountability with AC Waste Services to ensure your garbage is contained in an aesthetically appealing, easy-to-use container. Call us today to chat about your waste needs and in return, we will ensure your business does not waste any more time and money on any waste-related issues.

About The Author

Nic Ahola is the Director of Operations for AC Waste Services over the past 10+ years. With multiple  years of experience in the industry Nic’s wealth of knowledge to discuss key industry topics is never ending.

He works directly with businesses to implement waste management systems that are convenient to a business’s operations while reducing the unnecessary costs and common problems associated with waste.

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